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  • Nacodoches Parents Are Funny As Fuck

    Original story was not EFL speaker, edited to flow in English. “Me” is not actually me, just reproducing the conversation. Deleted emojis, they did not copy well.

    Nacodoches parents are funny as fuck. This man and his daughter were at Walmart and we are all standing in line. It’s them, this lady and then it’s me. So the little girl is like 5 or 6. So she’s asking a lot of questions. So she asked her daddy something and he was like….

    Dad: Now why would you ask a question like that? If she asked you why you fat, then you would be mad. Worry about you, not her.

    Lady in front of me: You know, you really shouldn’t be talking to your child like that. That’s mental child abuse!

    Me: 😑😒 awe here this mfer go..

    Man: Who you talking to?

    Lady: You! You shouldn’t be calling your child fat! That is child abuse!

    Man: Don’t come at me sideways ma’am, you don’t know me like that. And if you must know, I’m teaching my child not to ask rude and offensive questions. Any time she asks a rude question, I ask her one about herself. So like I told her. Worry about you, not her.

    Me: OKAY!

    Lady: That’s mental and emotional abuse.

    Man: You know what, baby girl, ask this lady what you asked me.. go ahead. You wont be in trouble this time.

    Little girl: Ma’am, why do you stink like that? You don’t take baths?

    Lady: That’s not a very nice thing to ask someone. It could really hurt someone’s feelings.

    Man: See, when she asked me this question, she was talking about you. And you wanna come talking about abuse but I was trying to save you from getting your feelings hurt. Now look at you; sad and stinky.