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    What forces (if any) were at work to see to it that R2-D2 and C-3P0 were sold back to Luke’s foster parents? The “Mediclorians” influence all life in the galaxy, could that mean Droid life too? Are the droids of the Star Wars universe sentient beings in their own right? Further more, by the time the story reaches Luke Skywalker, “Aretoo” is a good 40+ years old. Having been in the service of Queen Amadalia’s repair crew for an untold number of years when we are first introduced to him, he is around for all of Anakin’s childhood and into Adulthood, up to the point of the birth of his twins and his own rebirth into Darth Vader. That alone is approximately 20 years (estimating him to be approximately 25 years of age at the time of the twins birth), and then when Luke is introduced, he is 17-18 years old, that’s 40-41 years old, just in the service of the Queen, Padmé, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and then Luke. Why has Aretoo’s mind never actually been wiped? Why is he so lucky and “Threepeeoh” been so unlucky to have had his mind wiped at least a dozen times in the same amount of time?

    These thoughts are a work in progress as I watch the movies yet again and remember what I can of the novels I read as a child.